8 Tips to Stay Stress-Free This Holiday Season

With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought I’d share some of my tried and true tips for staying stress-free this holiday season.  In no particular order, here they are:

  1.  Remember the reason for the season.
    • Believe me, I know there are so many things that will steal your attention this time of year.  Make sure to pause often and allow your heart to be overwhelmed with joy over the birth of our precious savior.  Some simple things you can do to make sure this is a priority are reading through advent readings as a family, going to a live nativity, and blaring your most beloved Christmas worship tunes in your car during your commute.
  2. Remember it’s not all about the gifts.  Enjoy your family.
    • While the gift giving and receiving are fun, make sure your holidays don’t revolve around gifts.  Honestly in all of my adult years,  I can’t look back on a holiday and remember a great gift.  But I can look back and remember a great game of dice or pass the ace with our extended families.  Make sure you spend a lot of time laughing and having fun with your loved ones.
      • Here are some of my family’s favorite games to enjoy together.       
  3. Get on a rotation.
    • One of the best things we have ever done is get on a rotation with our families.  One year my family gets Christmas Day, and the next year my husband’s family gets it.  Planning out a clear rotation ensures that no one has unrealistic expectations for you to be in attendance ON Christmas Day EVERY year.
  4. Stay organized.
    • Keep your calendars, shopping lists, to do lists, etc. up to date, and check off things as you are able.  Staying organized is key to lower stress during the holidays.                       
  5. Cut the things that stress you out.
    • About 5 years ago, I cut Christmas cards from my holiday to do list (look for a post on this in December), and I have to be honest; it’s one of the best things I have ever done in my life.  Cut anything that doesn’t matter in the big picture, and just makes your life too chaotic.
  6. Shop/prep early.  
    • Get as much of your shopping, cleaning, decorating, etc. out of the way now.  This will give you more time to enjoy your loved ones as the holidays approach.                                                   
  7. Split the tasks.  
    • If you are hosting, don’t be afraid to ask siblings or other relatives to help you out by bringing a dish to pass or planning a fun activity.  If you are not hosting, ask a loved one now what you can do to help them out.
  8. Don’t ditch your routine.  
    • Just because life is busier during this time of year, don’t give up the healthy parts of your daily routine such as time in the word and exercising.  You’ll be sure to feel better if you keep these things as part of your routine during this hectic season.                                                         

What are you doing to keep your holidays stress free?  Please share in the comments!!

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