4 Nail Colors to Rock Any Season

I don’t know about you, but I feel amazing when I take the time to put on a simple layer of nail polish for the week.  Before I go any further, I have to laugh at myself a little, and say that I am absolutely horrible at applying nail polish.  I do not let that stop me though.  I basically paint it on like a big mess, and take care of the stuff on my skin later.  Please don’t judge my AWESOME finger photos!  I questioned whether I should post or not, because painting nails and taking photos of them are not my greatest skills.  However, in the interest of keeping it totally authentic, here goes…


4 colors to totally ROCK any season:

~OPI – Taupe-less Beach

I love how smoothly this one goes on, and how long it lasts even without a top coat.  And this shade matches literally everything!


~Defy & Inspire – Stargaze

I’ve probably been living under a rock, but apparently this is Target’s vegan nail lacquer line that came out earlier in the year.  I absolutely love wearing this gorgeous shade of blue!!


~Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Game of Chromes

This one is probably my favorite shade of nail polish EVER!  In fact, I am getting to the point where I need to go buy a new bottle of this one….that has literally NEVER happened to me before!!  Something about the texture of this one is just lovely.  And it lasts very well too.


~Jamberry – Copper Nickel 

This one is by far the priciest of the lacquers I am sharing.  I really love the coverage and the shade though!  This one is another one that I have used up almost a whole bottle of.

While I realize some of these colors have been out quite sometime, these are the ones I have been rocking this season!

What nail colors are you rocking right now?  Share in the comments!!


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