How to Host a Super Simple Taco Bar

In hosting, I have recently adopted the idea that simplicity is key.  I am so over the idea that in order to have people over, my house has to be perfect.  I have to have the perfect decor.  My setup has to be gorgeous.  And the many other thoughts that give me a gut-wrenching anxiety over hosting.  One of my favorite “simple” hosting ideas is the taco bar.  Here are some fun tips to make this easy meal for a crowd.

~Cook the meat ahead 

When I do a taco bar for a crowd, I always cook the meat the night before so that my house doesn’t wreak of meat and onions.  I also feel much less stress, and have more time to make sure the house is somewhat clean the day of.  Typically I make equal amounts of beef taco meat and chicken fajita mix (which I will share the recipe for below).

~Cut the condiments, and place them in cute bowls

The morning of, I typically cut all the condiments (tomatoes, olives, cheese, lettuce, onions) and place them into cute bowls in the fridge.  This way, when it is time to host, I can simply take them out of the fridge, and I am not spending time while guests are there preparing.  I also get our salsa, sour cream, and guacamole bowls all set.

~Use some fun labels 

I got these super cute labels at Target in their party aisle!  I love using them so that guests can see what is in each crock pot without having to take off every single lid.  Love that I can use these over and over again.



~Provide chips for Beefy Nachos 

When I host a taco buffet, I love to include a big bowl of chips, and a crock of nacho cheese, so that our guests can do a big plate of beefy nachos.  This is a huge hit with the kids, and many of the adults too!


~Ask your guests to bring a side to share

While I agree that sometimes it is nice to go somewhere and just be served, I never feel overwhelmed in the least when a host asks me to bring something to share.  We hosted a taco bar for some friends recently, and we asked them to each bring something to share.  They did an amazing job of bringing things that complimented the meal well.  One person brought desserts, one a corn salad/salsa (which was delicious), one brought the guacamole, and one brought the chips and sour cream.  To make it even simpler, ask each person to bring one of the condiments, so you only have to worry about the meat!

As promised – here is how I make one batch of the fajitas for my family.


1 lb. chicken breast (we use fryer tenders)

packet of fajita seasoning from the organic food aisle

red pepper

green pepper


2 TBSP Olive Oil

Mushrooms (optional)

Directions:  put all ingredients into a ziploc bag, and shake to coat.  Let marinate for about an hour.  Place in a baking dish with the chicken in a single layer.  Bake at 375 for about 35-40 minutes (make sure the chicken is cooked all the way through).  Take out of oven and shred chicken.

When making this for just our family, we typically eat it right away on taco shells with our favorite fixings mentioned above.  When making it for a crowd however, we refrigerate it overnight, and then put it into the crock pot a few hours before the party.

You can certainly also make this as the package recommends, but I find this way is simpler, and creates less cleanup.

What are your favorite simple hosting ideas?

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  • Great tips for easy, no stress entertaining! Prepping as much as you are able to before the event helps a ton! Even in planning your menu, thinking of what to serve that can be prepped ahead! I have too often chosen a menu that requires lots of hands on consuming prep close to serving time! And that chicken…. looks amazing, can’t wait to try it! Did you say guacaomole… I will be right over!!!

    • I had a period of time in my life where I hated hosting, because I burned myself out with elaborate meals and plans. And yes….hosting in general….I now try to do something that I can at least get a start on ahead. Thanks for the comment!!

  • This is such a good idea, yes I agree that simplicity is key it makes everything super easy and stress-free. And that chicken looks so yummy 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment!! I have had to totally retrain my thinking, as I like the planning that goes into an elaborate party, but then I don’t get to enjoy my friends!!

  • This is such a practical post! Hospitality is SO important and I love that you’ve made the process so simple and full of grace. So often we think things have to be perfect before we can invite people into our homes – but that isn’t true at all!

    • That is exactly why I wanted to post something like this!! I have such a desire to share with others that hospitality doesn’t always have to cost a fortune, and it doesn’t have to stress you out for an entire week either. Thanks so much for the comment!!

  • Taco bar is my favorite way to host friends and small groups. Who doesn’t like tacos!? I never put out adorable signs though–doing that for sure next time 🙂

    • Yes!! I love to host, but for years hated how stressed I would get when planning! I am so excited to share simple ways to practice hospitality!!

    • Yay!! This is my dream party as well! Though we’ve done it so much, I sometimes have to tell our friends that I do know how to cook other things! LOL!!

  • love the labels, such a simple but elegant touch. I am going to take up your idea for some guests in the future as we normally just do tacos when the family are all together.

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