September Favorites

Something I am super excited to do on the last Sunday of each month, is to share with you some of my favorite products.  On a side note, I do not currently do any affiliate marketing, and am not trying to sell anything to you.  Furthermore, I do not get a cut if you click a link and purchase something I have linked below.  These posts are simply my opinion of products I am excited about.  I plan to share 3-5 items per month.

This month, it is all about back to school/work supplies and organization.  I work in a high school office, and have summers off, so I too went back to school with the kiddos at the beginning of the month.  Here are my September favorites!

~Recollections Goal Planner

This thing is simply amazing!  It has so many cool features, I don’t even know where to start with it!  In the front, it has a space for long term goals, steps to get there, and this AWESOME space for a Vision Board that it reminds you to look at every day.  For my Vision Board, I chose stickers from the Happy Planner accessory kits (which I will talk about next).  I chose all sayings that motivate me, and LOVE being inspired by them each time I open it.

Each month starts out with a positive quote such as the one below.

The following page is a place to write your goals for the month, and a place to write your daily routine.

Next, there is a calendar of the full month, followed by each week.  And last, but most certainly not least – at the end of every month, there is a goal tracker!

I ordered this awesome planner from Michaels, and used one of their awesome 40% off coupons!!


~The Happy Planner Stickers & Accessories

While I am loving the Recollections planner, the Happy Planner Stickers and Accessories are still my favorite planner accessories.  They seem to have a sticker for each and every occasion, and I am able to use these in my Recollections planner as well.  I have gotten these at various places, including Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

~Sharpie Extra Fine Tip Markers

I have been addicted to these for quite sometime now.  My favorite use for them is for color coding in my planner.  I have a couple of different sets that I have picked up at Walmart and Target.

~Closet Rod Organizers

I seriously looked EVERYWHERE for these silly things before finally finding them online at The Container Store.   These were totally worth the money.  They come blank, and have different stickers, so you can separate your clothes by size, day of the week, etc.  We use these to set clothes out for my daughter each weekday.  They make our mornings run so much more smoothly.

~Rubbermaid Lunch Containers

These things have been a LIFESAVER so far this year.  They are sold in packs of two at Walmart, and are very affordable.  They have been helpful in creating healthier, delicious lunches for my little lady!!  I will share a peek at what she has for lunch at some point!



What are some of your favorite products that I should check out for future posts??

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