5 Things to do on Sunday Night to Help You Rock Your Week

I think we can all agree that Monday mornings can be rough.  What if there were a way to make it even somewhat more bearable?  I find for myself that sometimes it is all in the planning.  Here are five things you can do on Sunday afternoon/evening that can make your entire week more bearable.


*Meal Planning – I personally love to cook.  However, all the planning that goes into it turns this love into a hate.  I cannot stand deciding what to make, and figuring out if I have the ingredients or not.  That’s why I choose to do all of my meal planning on Saturday night before bed.  Jot down a list of what you’ll make for the entire week.  Include ingredients you’ll need to purchase to make all the meals.  Personally, I am one of those crazy people who loves the grocery store at 5:00 a.m., so I set my alarm extra early for Saturday or Sunday mornings, and head to the store first thing in the morning to purchase all the supplies.

*Meal Prep – If you want to go a step further than just having all of the ingredients on hand to make a week’s worth of delicious meals, work on some meal prep at some point Sunday afternoon.  This typically takes me about an hour, but I like to get meals as prepared as possible, so that all I have to do is toss them in the oven the day I plan to make them.  As school is starting next week, we will prepare our lunches for the week as much as possible.  Even washing, cutting, and portioning out your fruits and veggies can save you some major time throughout the week.


*Set Clothes out for the week – This can be one of our biggest struggles every single morning.  My daughter will be yelling at me from her room or the bathroom asking what she’s supposed to wear.  She’s a kid that hasn’t really shown too much interest in fashion until recently, so yes, I typically pick out her outfits.  They’re mainly simple, but she doesn’t realize that she cannot wear the same pair of black leggings four days out of the week.  Or that oh so comfy pair of Lula Roe leggings go with very few items in her closet.  I’m super excited to have purchased these great closet dividers from The Container Store.  Five of them come in a pack, and there are stickers, so you can organize your closet how you want.  We of course used the days of the week.  Yes – I know.  I have always thought of myself as crafty, and sure I could make some cute ones.  But sometimes with certain crafts/products, I just find it worth it to purchase them.  Check out these cool handmade ones with tips on how to make your own though!



*Write down goals for the week – This one is an absolute must for me if I want to get anything accomplished throughout the week.  Just take a few minutes to write down the things, big and small, that you want to get accomplished this week.  Now do I always accomplish everything on my list?  Nope….but it helps me keep organized, and on top of what I need to add to next week’s list.

*Take time to do something for yourself.  I cannot be the only one who just feels like I’m going to rock the week when I allow myself a few indulgences.  Paint your nails, grab a coffee with a friend, read a great book…anything that gives you the edge for the week.


What are some ways you set yourself up for a great week?






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