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Since my desire for my blog is to share many party/hosting ideas, today I am doing a rewrite of a post I did when I first began back in 2014.

For our daughter’s 6th birthday, we hosted a cake decorating party, which I now look back on fondly.  I cannot remember how many people we allowed Gracie to invite to this party, but I can tell you that at the age of 6, it was probably a few too many.  Now that she’s a bit older, this is a party I’d LOVE to re-do.

My amazing friend Jamie helped me out by making about a dozen adorable 6-inch cakes.  In doing so, she still probably doesn’t realize how she totally saved my life.  I then put a quick layer of white icing on each of the cakes, and tossed them on a round cardboard cake tray.  Each of the girls got a bag of colored icing.  I just did two colors, pink and purple, and let them figure out the sharing of the bags from there.  We had no issue with sharing, as each bag was completely filled full of homemade Wilton icing.  In the center of the table, we also put  variety of different sprinkles for the girls to choose from.

Here are some pics of them decorating.


And here are some of the girls’ finished creations!!







In the end, all the kiddos had a lot of fun with the cake decorating, and each of the little ladies got to bring their very own cake home in a little box.


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