Those of you who know me (even those who know me really well), probably don’t know that I actually started this blog in 2014.  I posted quite regularly, but never got the nerve to share it with the world.  I kept it mostly to myself, and only shared in a couple of secret groups.  In March of this year, I decided I didn’t like the direction it was going, so with many tears, I deleted all of my content, some of which was actually decent.  I didn’t really have the “niche” that so many people in life talk about.

I have finally decided that I am going to start it back up.

What will my niche be?  Well…it will still be a “Lifestyle” blog to give me the freedom to do with it what I choose.  My true heart is connections/community with people, and I love to plan events/parties, and host.  I am hoping to do a lot of event planning ideas, so if you are into that type of thing, stay tuned for sure!  I will also share with you a variety of other real life things/ideas.

How often will I post?  I am uncertain exactly how many posts I will do, but I will aim for 8 per month, approximately 2 per week…this being post #1 for August.

Social media really isn’t my thing, so this is where I will share my true heart.  I also intend to do all of my own photos, so bear with me on that, as I am not going to claim to be good at photography!

Thanks so much for reading!  Check back frequently for new posts.   I am super excited to get this started back up!!

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Hi! I'm Kori - Christ follower, wife, mom, real woman.

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